Jalan Klang Lama the ever bustling road, was connecting Kuala Lumpur to Klang in the past. Running partly parallel to it, is a forgotten Klang River. Here, one of the few remaining old warehouses entrusted by EXSIM Group, becomes the starting point of KongsiKL.


Previously a metal and steel factory, this 10,000ft warehouse has high ceiling with saw-tooth roof casting dramatic natural light. We retained memories of this space - old statements on the textured wall, quality of lights; while develop social and artistic experimentations that centred around the ideology of sharing - 'Kongsi'.


'Kongsi' also means an assembly of people coming together for a purpose, a collaboration. Our vision is to become an experimental ground that foster collaborations across disciplines where artists, performers, students and public have freedom to create and showcase their works.


Ultimately, KongsiKL embraces spirit of sharing
where we believe in the ripple effects of sharing time, talent, space and resources.

kongsi cahaya
kongsi kerja
kongsi cerita
kongsi kilang
kongsi seni
kongsi makan
kongsi gaya
kongsi lagu
kongsi cinta
kongsi baca
kongsi minda
kongsi sungai
kongsi klang lama
kongsi kuala lumpur

kongsi ________